How to Find a Wedding Photographer: Central Valley Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony at The Firehouse in Old Sacramento

Wedding Ceremony at The Firehouse in Old Sacramento

How to Find a Wedding Photographer: Central Valley Wedding Photography

On average, an American wedding costs over $33,000. Whether yours is looking to be in that price range, or it's under (or over!), there's one thing you can't skimp on: your photographer.

This is the day your life will change forever, and you don't want a bunch of blurry or badly taken photographs to commemorate it (although a well-timed photo of you looking slack-jawed could be hilarious!). You need someone who knows how to capture those treasured moments so you can look back on them fondly. But with so many professionals to choose from, how do you pick the right one?

If you're wondering how to find a wedding photographer, then keep reading. We'll give you all the tips on finding the perfect Lodi wedding photographer for your big day!

Have a Full Discussion With Your Future Spouse

You might think that just because you're the perfect match, you'll both envision the same things for your wedding. But you might be surprised at what your future spouse thinks is the right style for your photos.

Avoid headaches and heated discussions in the future by sitting down and having a full, clear discussion of your expectations for your wedding photos before you start your search. When you're 100% of what the other wants, it'll cut down on time spent on your search and the stress that comes with it.

Take Advantage of Google

The best thing about modern technology is all the information you desire is just a few clicks away. All you have to do is search for "wedding photographer," and Google will generate all local results for you in a few seconds.

This is a great starting point, as you can get a general idea of how wide (or narrow) your choices are. Plus, with just one more click, you can check out what previous clients have rated them. Take a moment to eliminate those with less than 4/5 stars, and you'll get an even better idea of what your choices are, realistically.

Take a Look at Their Portfolio

One of the best ways to tell if a photographer is right for you is to check out their portfolio. Not only can this tell you how the quality of their photos is like, but it can also show you upfront what their shoot and editing styles are.

A wedding photographer can take the best photos around, but you shouldn't feel obligated to choose them just based on that. If their styles aren't a good match for you, then you'll get images that don't speak to you.

The willingness of the photographer to show you their portfolio will be very telling, as well as how many photos are actually in there. For example, if they're reluctant to give you evidence of prior work, they may actually be very inexperienced and/or have terrible photos to show.

The same goes for if they don't have a portfolio at all. This means either they don't have experience or don't have enough high-quality work to display.

While a new photographer can certainly be great at what they do, you don't want to be their guinea pig for your big day. For professionals who don't have a portfolio, it's best to avoid using them.

Check out Their "About" Page

It's not enough to just search for a Lodi or Stockton wedding photographer; your personality has to click with the professional as well.

A great way to tell if they're a fit for you is to check out their "about" page. Typically, photographers will have an entire page dedicated to themselves and their philosophies. By reading up about them, you'll get a feel for whether or not their thought process and ideas line up with yours.

If you have several wedding photographers on your list and don't know how to eliminate some, this can be a great way to whittle down your shortlist. You can find the best photographers that suit your style, but your personalities don't match up, it can make for some subpar results. It may even ruin your full enjoyment of your big day.

Consider Your Budget

You might find the perfect photographer for your wedding, but if they're wildly out of your budget, you can forget about picking them. So before you get too excited about particular professionals, you need to check out their prices first.

On average, people spend between $2,000 to $2,500 on photography alone. Do note that this doesn't include videography.

When looking at wedding photographers, make sure you fully understand the packages they offer and what comes in them. If you really like someone who's slightly out of budget, see if they offer payment plans!

Use Your Engagement Photos as a Test Run

Are you not 100% certain about a professional, even after you've narrowed it down to one? Or maybe you just want to familiarize yourself with the photographer so you appear more natural for the big day?

Whatever the reason, you should consider getting engagement photos as a test run. This gives everyone a chance to learn more about one another, and see how your different personalities mesh. This will give you time to adjust.

And once you see what the photographer can do with your engagement photos, this can give you peace of mind. As a result, you'll be more relaxed for your actual wedding day, and your pictures will come out even better!

Know How to Find a Wedding Photographer for Fantastic Images

Your big day is coming up, and if everything goes right, this is the only wedding you'll only have. So by knowing how to find a wedding photographer that's right for you, you can ensure you get stunning images that you can remember forever.

So for the best Lodi wedding photography, take a look around, review your options, and don't be afraid to speak to every photographer you're considering. If they're reputable and actually care about their clients, then they'll be more than happy to help you out!

Would you like to speak to a wedding photographer in your area now? Then get in touch with us now.

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