5 Senior Picture Ideas

High School and College Graduation Portraits

5 Senior Picture Ideas: Posing Made Simple

For two or three years, all you could think about was the end of school and what would come next for you. You couldn't wait for the last day, and now that it's coming up, you start to feel some nostalgia, almost like you could do another year or two...

Getting a diploma is a great achievement but of course, you'll miss your years in school. So what can you do to make sure you always remember this special stage of your life?

A photoshoot!

Keep reading, check five senior photo ideas and get inspired!

1.Wear Your Cap and Gown

If you want the most classic photo you can get, wearing your cap and gown can never go wrong.

My tip is that you choose a nice background for your photo: maybe a special spot on the school campus, a relaxing beach with the ocean in the back, or a city park with beautiful greenery. If photo shoots make you nervous, we can always take the photos in your home.

And if you get excited and want to spice it up a bit, you can always make a crazy pose. Trust me, your ideas will come up once we start shooting!

2. Make a Graduation Banner

Making your own props for your shoot will make for completely unique photos, so if you have a particularly creative mind, this is the way to go.

You can make a banner saying "Senior", "Class of 2020", your name or nickname, or something even more personal. Whatever your prop is, we can create a concept around it!

3. Bring Your Pet Along

Did your cat, dog (or hamster, who knows) give you the moral support you needed to keep working even when all you wanted was to throw your textbooks out the window?

Then, they definitely deserve a special appearance in your senior photos.

Bring your furry friend to your photoshoot and thank them in the most special way!

4. Make It a Group Shoot

We all become a part of a special squad during our school years and it'll be nice to have a photo with your best friends even when all your lives take you in different directions.

Not only will the photoshoot be an unforgettable moment, but you'll also have a lot of fun picking outfits, doing each other's makeup and coming up with photo concepts!

5. Show Off Your Special Talent

Did you join a club during your school years? Whether you were a part of the football team, the theatre crew or the science club, I'm sure you spent many amazing moments and made many new friends with the same interests thanks to your new hobby.

And that's something to celebrate and memorialize!

Senior Picture Ideas: A Special Moment Captured Forever

Your graduation days marks the end of a phase you'll never forget and you should celebrate it as such. Coming up with the most unique senior picture ideas will allow you to always remember this day with a smile on your face.

So, ready to schedule your photo session?

I've been doing senior shoots for over 20 years and they're always fun and easy-going, so all your nerves will disappear the second I take the first picture.

Send me a message today!

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